Degler Calendar makes its debut in 2014 with the automotive theme "Concept Cars by Bertone". It showcases unique prototypes that made people dream, cars that continue to fascinate with their style and technical innovation. It is a tribute to the Italian Design Center in Caprie, where expert hands crafted these 12 unique models which are nowadays considered among the most important concept cars in automotive history. These rare pieces of art, scattered around the world and kept in museums or private collections, have been immortalised through the lens of Piotr Degler. Among them are portraits of Nuccio Bertone’s own car, used during his racing days, and of futuristic concept cars such as the Stratos Zero or Marcelo Gandini's Lamborghinis, in addition to the recent creations of Mike Robinson.

The automobiles shown in the calendar are rarely seen in public, so it is almost impossible to admire their stunning beauty close up. Degler Calendar, therefore, represents a historic document for all connoisseurs and admirers of Italian coachbuilding artistry.



1947 Fiat Barchetta
1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
1967 Lamborghini Marzal
1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo
1969 Autobianchi Runabout
1970 Lancia Stratos Zero
1976 Alfa Romeo Navajo
1984 Chevrolet Ramarro
1999 Alfa Romeo Bella
2003 Bertone Birusa
2007 Fiat Barchetta
2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion



"Many of them are not longer here in Bertone, they are around the World..."
"To put them all together in a single calendar is a really exciting opportunity to show the masterpieces that Bertone has done in this past 100 years.
Michael Robinson, Bertone Design Director

“Nobody has ever had the chance to see them all together”
“I believe it will be very appreciated by automobile lovers.”
Marcello Gandini, 1965-1972 Chief Designer Bertone, 1972-1979 Stile Bertone Managing Director

“It features 12 unbelievable cars from Bertone’s world,
an all-time myth;
a myth to imitate, a myth to be discovered, a myth to be lived.”
Corrado Lopresto, Car Collector

“Degler Calendar represents a unique opportunity to gather these fantastic cars documenting Italian design,
including Alfa Romeos, that have always had a distinctive, almost ‘magic’ connection with Carrozzeria Bertone.”
Stefano Agazzi, Alfa Romeo Historical Museum



   TRIBUTE 2014       

"Degler Calendar is a tribute to Nuccio Bertone.
To his artistic genius and the poetry of those shapes that go beyond being mere automobiles"






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